Captain Hope’s Kids MISSION & PURPOSE

The number of homeless children across Texas has increased over the past few years. On any given night in the Dallas area, more than 1,100 children will fall asleep in homeless and domestic violence shelters. In 2010, the percentage of infants and toddlers served was 26%, school-age children (ages 5-12) accounted for 47%, and teens accounted for 27% of the total.

Since 1989, Captain Hope’s Kids has dedicated to helping homeless children with time, money, and in-kind donations. We are the only agency that actively solicits donations and funds for the sole purpose of providing critically needed items to homeless children, from birth to age 17. In 2011, Captain Hope’s Kids partnered with over 40 homeless service agencies and touched the lives of over 40,000 children across North Texas.

In 2011, Captain Hope’s Kids received and distributed 561,481 items valued at over $725,000 to homeless infants and children.

Quantities of Items Distributed in 2011
453,823 diapers/pull-ups or 8,727 per week
29,146 hygiene items & infant items
38,407 educational items (backpacks, school supplies, uniforms)
12,395 toys & birthday boxes
26,476 health aids, clothing, household items
1,229 recreational activity-related items
561,481 Total

Captain Hope’s Kids addresses the immediate needs of the many children struggling to survive and overcome the most difficult of circumstances during their most precious years. Our goal is to meet the needs of these children so that they may become healthy and productive citizens in our community.


We accept cash donations and new & gently used items through individuals & sponsored drives.  We hope that you will join our efforts to give homeless children a reason to smile.


Captain Hope’s Kids
Shirley Yin-Piazza Marketing
Director 214-630-5765 ext 317

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Stream Energy Launches “Ignite” Texas License Plate Program Non-profit Captain Hope’s Kids to benefit from specialty plate sales

DALLAS, Apr 12, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Stream Energy, the world’s largest network marketer of energy, has announced pre-registration for a specialty Texas license plate emblazoned with the logo of Ignite, Stream Energy’s network marketing arm. The six-character plates will be available for delivery starting in late May through My Plates in partnership with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. A variety of number/letter combinations are already available using a layaway plan. For more information and to order, call 888-7MY-PLATES (888-769-7528).

A portion of the revenues for each purchased license plate will benefit Stream Energy’s community partner, Captain Hope’s Kids, which provides critical needs to homeless children in the Dallas area. For each Ignite plate purchased, $5.50 to $29.50 will be sent to the non-profit, depending on the plate term selected.

(No revenue will be paid to Stream Energy or Ignite.) “We believe deeply in the cause of Captain Hope’s Kids,” said Stream Energy Chairman Rob Snyder. “This organization helps families when they are most in need, when they find themselves at a deep crossroads. We are very pleased to arrange this innovative program.” The announcement of the license plate program follows a $15,000 donation made from Stream Energy March 5th, at the conclusion of Ignition, Stream Energy’s annual national convention.

Captain Hope’s Kids touches the lives of more than 30,000 children from homeless families every year. Chairman Rob Snyder added, “Families with children make up 47 percent of the homeless population in the Dallas metropolitan area. Captain Hope’s Kids provides needed goods and services — and Stream Energy is committed to helping this organization.” Captain Hope’s Kids works with 40 service providers to provide critically needed items to homeless children.

Dallas-based Stream Energy is the longest-tenured direct seller of deregulated energy in America. Moreover, Stream Energy’s business model, evoked by the catch phrase “It’s OK to switch. Really(R),” is helping promote the successful deregulation of retail energy services within Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Maryland.

Excerp from press release.  Thank you Stream Energy!

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One Great Story, One Great Teacher, One Great Club, One Great Group of Kids making a difference


where's my home...

The following is an e-mail I received from a teacher after the students did a diaper drive for us and had a baby shower to boot!  “On behalf of Della Icenhower Intermediate Character Club, I want to thank you for all that you do.  Ms. Reyer, it was so good to see you last Wednesday.  Your attendance really means a lot to us.  The students truly enjoy having you here.  The game and the things you said really brings why we host a Diaper Drive into reality for them.  The parents that attended the shower had wonderful things to say as well.  They truly enjoyed seeing their children give back.  Many told us about how their kids came home really wanting to make a difference in the lives of homeless children.  One of our club member’s parents told us that it especially meant a lot to them because she and her two daughters spent a few months in a domestic violence shelter.  She said she really loved that her daughter’s school and club does something to help the shelters because they know far too well how much the shelters could use the help.  I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your organization.  Last year was our first year and we did okay.  This year was our second year and we did better.  Who knows, maybe each year we will continue to get bigger and better.  We look forward to continuing our annual Drive/Shower…  Again, we could never thank you enough for all that you do.  Your work means so much to so many.  We are proud supporters.  The kids asked how much our school was about to get donated.  I told them I wasn’t sure but was certain that we did better than last year.  They said “but we need to know, Mrs. Fields so we can be even better next year”.  I didn’t think you would probably know but if you could give us a rough estimate, it would be appreciated.    Again, thank you, thank you for all that you do!  May God bless you and your mission. 


Lisa Fields

Della Icenhower Intermediate


Character Club Sponsor

WOW, and I’m getting thanked.  Well I’m here to tell you this is one great group of kids, teachers, parents…  meeting the critical needs of homeless children.

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Stream Energy was named Community Partner of the Year by non-profit Captain Hope’s Kids.  Pictured backstage at Stream Energy’s annual national conference, Ignition, are Stream Energy Chairman Rob Snyder and Captain Hope’s Kids Executive Director Jeanne Reyer.  The Ignition conference, attended by 8,000, raised $15,000 for Captain Hope’s Kids, which meets the critical needs of homeless children in the Dallas area and is the recipient of ongoing support from Stream Energy.

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Stream Energy to Match Funds Collected at Convention

Stream Energy - Dallas

Image by swanksalot via Flickr


Stream Energy is having there Ignite Convention yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

Stream Energy and its marketing arm, Ignite have held the Ignition conference annually for some years in Dallas.   This year will be a little different and very exciting for Captain Hope’s Kids. 

During the Ignition Convention, Stream Energy will bolster its support of Captain Hope’s Kids by raising funds through it Associates.   Stream Energy is matching the funds collected and presenting a check to Captain Hope’s Kids Saturday afternoon, according to Stream Energy’s Chairman Rob Snyder.   

I let you know next week how much was raised.  Stream Energy helps us bring hope to homeless children…
























uring the Ignition Convention, Stream Energy will bolster its support of Captain Hope’s Kids by raising funds through it Associates.   Stream Energy is matching the funds collected and presenting a check to Captain Hope’s Kids Saturday afternoon,  according to Stream Energy’s  Chairman Rob Snyder.


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14th Mardi Gras Run – Rain or Shine – March 5th in Richardson, TX

Rice, beans, meat and potatoes, as served in a...
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Come out to Mardi Gras Run Saturday, March 5th for a great experience.  We will have live music, costumes, beer, ice cream, rice and beans and a whole lot more. 

Over 1000 runners are already registered with more to follow when registration opens at 7 a.m. at the Galatyn Park Plaza.  Come, enjoy and help Captain Hope’s Kids meet the critical needs of homeless children…  

Bring hope to homeless children:

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2011 Mardi Gras Run To Aid North Texas Homeless Children

And the Trophy goes to...

Join a parade of costumed runners Saturday, March 5, to help celebrate the fourteenth annual Mardi Gras Run, one of the largest Mardi Gras related events in the Metroplex.  The event will be held at Galatyn Park, Richardson, Texas to help Captain Hope’s Kids (, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the critical needs of North Texas homeless children.   

Organizers anticipate over 1,500 runners, walkers and spectators, many dressed in festive costumes, masks and beads.  The main event includes a four-mile race, followed by a Mardi Gras award ceremony. Custom made awards will be presented to the 1st Overall and Masters male/female age group finishers starting with 14 and under, then in 5 year groups up to 75+.

This event is for the entire family to enjoy.  Listen to live music by The Zach Scott Pohl Band, snack on red beans and rice from Pierre’s Mardi Gras Cafe, beer from Gordon Biersch or coffee from Community Coffee, surprise treats from Blue Bell Creamery, fruit from Jason’s deli and water from the Soroptimist to name a few of the snacks that abound!

Participants are asked to bring a donation of diapers, wipes or formula to the event.  Monetary donations will also be accepted to help purchase items necessary to meet the critical needs of North Texas homeless children. Visit the Captain Hope’s Table for some great restaurant coupons.

Each night, as many as 1,100 children are without a home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Through this event, we aim to raise community awareness about this serious problem and to help give the Metroplex shelters with the supplies they need to care for their homeless children.

Race information and on-line registration is available at

 About Captain Hope’s Kids:

For the past 21 years, Captain Hope’s Kids (a 501-c-3 organization) has been dedicated to meeting the critical needs of homeless children with your donations of time, money, and gently used items.  In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of homeless families with children. Families with children now constitute about 40 percent of people who become homeless as reported by the Urban Institute. Research also demonstrates that women and children make up 47 percent of Metro Dallas’ homeless population. (DASH – Dallas Assoc. of Service to Homeless January 28, 2010).  This is a decrease from earlier years due in part to the increase in the number of homeless using transitional housing.  The Dallas County homeless population has shown a 138% increase in homeless households who live in Transitional Housing compared with numbers from 2005.

 In 2009, Captain Hope’s Kids touched the lives of over 32,000 children in need at shelters in North Texas. The Mardi Gras Run aims to help Captain Hope’s Kids continue its legacy of giving.  For more information about Captain Hope’s Kids please visit

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